My Day in Sète with Jean

While in France, my boyfriend and I spent the night in Sete, his favorite town in France. I was excited to explore the little port city but unfortunately I was having a day where I thought everything was working against me, (Disclaimer: I’m a bit dramatic for those of you that don’t know me in real life). My body ached, my skin was rubbing against my socket, I started my period (which is its own set of issues), and I am pretty sure I had a sinus infection…So basically I was dying.

I was bummed because I hate feeling like I am being held back, I’m sure no one likes that. Being the overly emotional person that I am, I was on the verge of tears because we had to change our plans of hiking up a big hill to overlook the town from above to something less strenuous. In the midst of pouting, Jean suggested we buy flowers, in his words: “and have a photoshoot around town”. I was initially hesitant at the silly idea and wanted to decline because I wanted to stay in my funk. Why do I do that?

Anyways, he bought some huge, gorgeous flowers from a tent at the outdoor market. I was not feeling it. I felt ugly, tired, cramp-y. I protested a bit but Jean forced me! Okay, he didn’t force me but he encouraged me until I smiled. He took soooooo many pictures of me, per usual. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that Jean has taken almost all of my lifestyle type of photos. We took photos by the water, in the middle of the street market, with a baby goat, by a boat, etc. The photos came out great and it turned out to be one of my favorite and most memorable days in France despite the not so great beginning.

! Caution: Sentiment Ahead!

Jean is a blessing. This is just a small portrayal of his sweet personality. He does not like to see me upset and therefore will try to make me feel better immediately. He’s an excellent communicator, supporter, and friend.

I’ve always been attracted to nice people. The Game is the only thug I’ve ever loved. Lol. Just kidding! I liked one or two “bad boys” back in high school but the sweet gentlemen always got more time from me. Jean is so refreshing because absolutely no games are played…ain’t nobody got time for that. I had his phone password the first week we were together. In my head I was like “Me?! I get the code?!” It was like an angel drifted down from the heavens above with the passcode sitting on top of a golden, embroidered pillow in her hands with harp music playing in the background. I mean, I wasn’t about to snoop through his phone because one, If I have to do all that then I don’t want you and two…well there is no two. But the point is, we are very transparent with one another.

I’ve always been a fan of love and never had the “love sucks” attitude. I knew that deep down, love does not hurt people, it’s the negative actions of those you love that hurt you sometimes. During heartbreaks I still never gave up on love. I knew that it was out there somewhere and someday I’d experience it. Well, Jean and I found each other very unexpectedly and fell in love right away and I realized just a few days ago that this was the love I had always known existed.

We have big adventures planned for 2018 and we’re so excited!

In a sickening amount of love,

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