Positivity for the Win!

Here is a photo of my nephews and I making lemonade (with one added grapefruit). I thought the photo was fitting for this post as I share how I’ve been making my lemonade for the past 6 or so weeks 🙂 I have made some positive changes to my everyday life that has contributed to […]

My Blackness in Nature

I come from an athletic family. My sister was a high school track star and played basketball. My brother played basketball and soccer. My parents played basketball, soccer, and football in their high school glory days. I’ve never really been a physically active person, in middle school my extra-curricular activities were band, theater, art, and […]

Butterfly Post 🦋

*Orginally Posted on Instagram on August 15* This particular morning Jean and I woke up early to catch the sun rise over Marfa. We drove down highway 90 until we reached a clear sky free of buildings and other obstructions. We laid a blanket down in a field and found a lonely butterfly wing in […]

The Body Issue

A few weeks ago during a shoot I struggled so much with my posing. I felt stagnant because I was repeating the same poses over and over again. I went home and visualized what I wanted myself to look like. I wanted to be graceful, elegant, and natural. I knew I had a shoot coming […]

My Day in Sète with Jean

While in France, my boyfriend and I spent the night in Sete, his favorite town in France. I was excited to explore the little port city but unfortunately I was having a day where I thought everything was working against me, (Disclaimer: I’m a bit dramatic for those of you that don’t know me in […]

I Left My Full Time Job

I Left My Job…Now What? Yep, that’s right. I left my job to chase my dreams. “What are your dreams?” you ask. Actually, they aren’t dreams anymore. They are my GOALS. A wise friend once told me “dreams are just goals without deadlines” (thanks Victoria!). The Job: By trade I am a certified recreational therapy […]

FAQ About Me

Here I will answer random questions that I’ve gotten in the past so you can get to know me a bit better! Why did you want to start a blog? My partner gave me the idea, I like writing, I have interesting encounters so naturally it just became a thing What are your favorite colors? […]